Marriage Laws

Welcome to the Marriage Laws website. If you are considering an elopement, destination wedding or are just considering getting married in your hometown, then you have come to the right place! As part of your planning process you need to make sure that you can satisfy all the marriage laws in the county or in the case of Louisiana the parish you hope to marry. For more general information on requirements please visit the Marriage License Requirements website. Marriage license requirements vary from state to state. Some states are much more lenient when it comes to either and elopement or destination wedding, while others have very tight laws, which will almost prohibit getting married in that state. The two most common issues are that people confront are mandatory pre-marriage counseling and long waiting periods.

We hope the Marriage Laws website will provided all the information you need to have a successful wedding. To get started, please select the state from the list below. Yes due to how time consuming the marriage laws research is the list below is a work in progress. Happy Wedding Planning!

Marriage Laws by State